What if we could replace Money with Love….(for real)!!!

The universe presents me, non-stop with inspiring ideas and people on a golden platter everyday and somehow me being non-consistent and lazy about writing, makes me seem selfish not wanting to share them enough. However, I love to share but I have realized lately that I need to find an efficient way to do it (any suggestions!!). My dear husband pushes me to write more but the problem is, I tend to hardly listen to him :P!!! But he is completely right about this thus I am determined to post 2-3 times a week (at the least).  Please send me a comment or reminder if I lose track again…. :/

Today, I present to you with this an amazing person along with the idea of replacing Money with LOVE in the field of education. The SOAS TEDx talk seems to start-off boring and not clear (also the acoustic part) but stick to your guns, be patient until this goofy visionary kid Manjil Rana appears. He is from Nepal, clever with thick curly hair and has a Bristish-Indian-American english accent which is a pleasure to listen to :)! He is the founder of the first certified private school in a small Nepalese village called Maya Universe Academy, based on sharing love instead of money….the rest just happened! The power of community goes beyond our understanding of any model or economic facts, this initiative is a predicament to it. He quit his fancy student life in the US, jumped on the plane to Nepal, told his not-so-wealthy mother at the airport that he is going to sell her only piece of land to follow his vision. Now this is what I call “fantastically, awesomely, fantabulously, wonderfully CRAZY” – and I LOVE people like these. Watch the video below to see what and how he did…..

Picture: bubblews.com

One thought on “What if we could replace Money with Love….(for real)!!!

  1. I AM very passionate about this higher idea of replacing money with love. I AM so passionate to the point that I have decided to give up my life of participating in the monetary system. I can no longer contribute to the death, destruction and enslavement of life which the monetary system perpetuates. Maybe I have not thought this completely through but have spent many, many months praying and asking for guidance in this matter and always reach the same conclusion. I feel I must emerge and announce that this will be the way. Love IS the way! Love IS the only way because Love IS ALL there is!

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