Ideas and inspirations from the share economy

Hello beautiful people – its been a while, hope you are well. Quick updates – since a few weeks I am writing for an online magazine which represents the largest collaboration in Europe bringing key actors from the share economy together. As part of an exciting fest happening from 5-7 May in Paris – Ouishare fest, Continue reading

money love

What if we could replace Money with Love….(for real)!!!

The universe presents me, non-stop with inspiring ideas and people on a golden platter everyday and somehow me being non-consistent and lazy about writing, makes me seem selfish not wanting to share them enough. However, I love to share but I have realized lately that I need to find an efficient way to do it (any suggestions!!). My dear husband pushes me to write more but the problem is, I tend to hardly listen to him :P!!! But he is completely right about this thus I am determined to post 2-3 times a week (at the least).  Please send me a comment or reminder if I lose track again…. :/

Today, I present to you with this an amazing person along with the idea of replacing Money with LOVE in the field of education. Continue reading


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